The Transition Series: Part I – Mathematical Perspective

MOTIVATION MY FIRST  IN A LONG SET ABOUT THE PHENOMENA OF TRANSITION - SO EXCITED... The set shall certainly be for me the most important set of posts I've ever posted (I'm focused but it will take time...), based on my own messy scribbled writing, and the very new advances published lately in the works …

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Featured The Complete "All About CFD..." Turbulence Guide

“All About CFD” – Tom’s Blog: The All Inclusive Turbulence Guide – Call to join 🤍🤍🤍

“All About CFD” – Tom’s Blog: The All Inclusive Turbulence Guide   Following payment a password shall be granted, and the protected post content shall be fully exposed. Password and Learning Spot are available upon confirming payment at EMAIL: AVR.TOMER@GMAIL.COM As always, I don’t want someone not to enjoy #freeonlinelearning because of price issues. If …

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Featured Private Mentoring - Zoom Sessions (Special Price until 19/7/2020)

Private Mentoring – Zoom Sessions – Going Official

Private and dedicated mentoring which includes an hour of private Zoom lesson, tailored to the students interest and level, rare (my...) resources and tutorials for self learning during the session, a final project of the students choice conducted in collaboration with Tom Avraham


All About CFD… – Index

I love CFD. Been doing it the past 15 years… 💕 Early in 2016 I’ve decided to blog about it… I aim for the blog to share my CFD and fluid mechanics thoughts over quite a broad spectrum of related topics. I guess the idea behind the decision to blog besides my tendency to share …

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Engineering-Mind Podcast with Jousef Murad: Turbulence, CFD , ROMs, Philosophy, and more…

My chill interview with Jousef Murad. So many stuff to talk about so little time, I’ve could have gone for hours… 🤟🏻  Jousef Murad is a colleague, an awesome interviewer and also a very smart individual with kind of an eclectic knowledge in various technological fields, so it easy to connect!                   …

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Featured The CFD Bare Minimum - An Initial Roadmap For To Begin Practicing CFD

The CFD Bare Minimum – An Initial Roadmap To Begin Practicing CFD

Here's a set of CFD online resources regarding basic CFD related concepts which are unnecessarily linked to a specific commercial code but goes all the way to basics with respect to CFD (numerical schemes, modified equation, CFL, Von Neumann analysis, numerical diffusion, pressure-velocity coupling, types of meshing, turbulence modelling, etc'...), along with application-specific resources, and some "hands on" practical resources. I highly recommend to follow all types of routes, if one wants to achieve both the breadth and the depth CFD has to offer...

TOP POSTS – July 2020 / AND / Two New Upcoming Zoom Sets of Ongoing Sessions

next month would bring fresh and new posts on topics like: Transition Phenomenology, Large Eddy Simulations (LES), and a set of weekly zoom ongoing sessions:
1) My “Recipe” for learning how to become a CFD self sustaining practitioner.