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I love CFD. Been doing it the past 15 years… 💕

Early in 2016 I’ve decided to blog about it… I aim for the blog to share my CFD and fluid mechanics thoughts over quite a broad spectrum of related topics.

I guess the idea behind the decision to blog besides my tendency to share knowledge and an ever growing hunger for new insights was the opportunity to be able to do so without having to think whether it’s appropriate or not… it’s mine 😉

No post will by no means be all encompassing nor highly accurate (you can get that from very in-depth academic resources…).


I therefore have no thought that this blog might be a benefit to all others, I wrote it only to sustain my understanding… 🙌

Nevertheless, I hope for the essence to be captured, and even more so communicated…✨✨✨

This is always (another) great opportunity to thank my new co-authors for some of the posts Carmel Sela and Dr. Alon Davidy. Enjoy… 💕

The following is somewhat of an index, frequently updated for readers to better map themselves in “All About CFD” blog… 🔥🔥🔥

🔥“All About CFD Posts🔥

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💥Documents (Hebrew)💥

💥Large Eddie Simulation (LES) Guides (references)💥

💥Classic and wonderful lectures you wanna watch💥

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics by TO Courses:


  • Lorena A. Barba – 12 steps to Navier-Stokes:

  • Lorena A. Barba – ME 702 – Computational Fluid Dynamics:

  • Lecture on turbulence by professor Alexander Polyakov

  • Phil Roe: Colorful Fluid Dynamics Behind The Scenes:

  • Doug McLean: Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics:

  • The National Committee of Fluid Mechanics (NSF) – Classic Lecturers:

  • Fluid Mechanics I – Dr. Biddle’s lecture series:

  • A Brief History of the Navier-Stoks Equations:

  • Combustion Theory and Appplications inCFD – by Professor Heinz Pitcsh (summer lectures 1/4)


💥List of favorite CFD (and more…) resources, open-share CFD books and textbooks💥



💥Contributors and blogs💥

Tobias HOLZMANN | Dr. mont.

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Israel only:

    • Tali Ytzhaki – Recruitment Manager at TALOS Head hunter for engineering talents. especially mechanical engineering ✨

More hiring opportunities from our collaborators shall be updated soon!

💥Online Courses💥

Courses are an on-demand basis and shall require upfront registration (with scheduling time per applicant for watching the video, and followed by a Zoom Q&A by either Tomer Avraham or Dani Koganovich regarding the material studied).

Course scheduling shall be supplied upon registration by emailing:

The online courses accompanied by a symbolic amount of Patreon donation in order to be sustained (so it’s up to you and is essentially free).

The list of courses shall be varied frequently.

Currently up for registration (click to email registration, details shall be supplied by reply):

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