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DNS of a zero-pressure-gradient flat plate boundary layer (P. Moin and X. Wu)

I love turbulence. Knowing how to model it in just the right fidelity is an art imho. An art I fell in love with 💕

The intention of this set of posts is to embark on a journey of connecting the dots between CFD and turbulence modeling with the phenomenological and practical concepts of engineering turbulence…



“Must” watch classics”: 


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics by TO Courses:


  • Lorena A. Barba – 12 steps to Navier-Stokes:

  • Lorena A. Barba – ME 702 – Computational Fluid Dynamics:

  • Lecture on turbulence by professor Alexander Polyakov:

  • Phil Roe: Colorful Fluid Dynamics Behind The Scenes:

  • Doug McLean: Common Misconceptions in Aerodynamics:

  • Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow

  • The National Committee of Fluid Mechanics (NSF) – Classic Lecturers:

  • Fluid Mechanics I – Dr. Biddle’s lecture series:

  • A Brief History of the Navier-Stoks Equations:

  • Combustion Theory and Applications in CFD – by Professor Heinz Pitcsh (summer lectures 1/4)


💥Rsources you must follow:


Books about happiness 😉 :

  • Doug Mclean: Understanding Aerodynamics – (my private network and for “ALL About CFD Subscribers” e-copy available
  • David Wilcox – Turbulence Modeling (out of print)
  • J.M. Mcdonough
  • Arkady Tsinober – The essence of Turbulence – This one is for those who are able and wish to get very deep into the phenomenology.
  • Pope – Turbulent Flows
  • Pierre Sagaut LES – Compressible/Incompressible/aeroacoustics
  • Sagaut LES – Compressible/Incompressible 
  • Turbulence – Nieuwstadt
  • Tennekes and Lumley – a first course on turbulence – a breakthrough in turbulence writing.
  • Stability and Transition in Shear Flows –  Dan S. Henningson, J.Shmid 
  • LLoyd Trephthen – Spectra and PseudoSpectra (my interpretation of the theory as far as the impact on transition is concerned) 
  • Gad-El-Hak – Flow Control, Doug Mclean: Understanding Aerodynamics  (my private network and for “ALL About CFD Subscribers” e-copy available


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