Featured Private Mentoring - Zoom Sessions (Special Price until 19/7/2020)

Private Mentoring – Zoom Sessions – Going Official

Private and dedicated mentoring which includes an hour of private Zoom lesson, tailored to the students interest and level, rare (my...) resources and tutorials for self learning during the session, a final project of the students choice conducted in collaboration with Tom Avraham

TOP POSTS – June 2020

We've decided to gather for our “All About Cfd” followers our top ten read posts for June. I found the list kinda cool, maybe Some of my own favorites do not appear this month, but nonetheless it’s a wonderful list of posts: All About Turbulence Modeling - The “All You Can Eat” Menu Predictions for …

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Featured The CFD Bare Minimum - An Initial Roadmap For To Begin Practicing CFD

The CFD Bare Minimum – An Initial Roadmap To Begin Practicing CFD

Here's a set of CFD online resources regarding basic CFD related concepts which are unnecessarily linked to a specific commercial code but goes all the way to basics with respect to CFD (numerical schemes, modified equation, CFL, Von Neumann analysis, numerical diffusion, pressure-velocity coupling, types of meshing, turbulence modelling, etc'...), along with application-specific resources, and some "hands on" practical resources. I highly recommend to follow all types of routes, if one wants to achieve both the breadth and the depth CFD has to offer...


Turbulence Modeling Best Practice Guidelines: Standard EVMs – PART II

In Part I of "Turbulence Modeling Best Practice Guidelines: Standard EVMs" I have presented some motivation, and two of what I find as the most immediate and more pressing issues regarding turbulence modeling in general, namely, that before following and choosing any particular best practice guideline one should at least know the basics about each …

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