Private Mentoring – Zoom Sessions

I love to help, it fills me up with joy to talk about fluid dynamics and CFD. I have hundreds of conversation in different CFD and fluid dynamics topics a week, and most of you who know me would testify I give my full attention when mentoring is taking place. I also love my blog, …

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TOP POSTS – June 2020

We've decided to gather for our “All About Cfd” followers our top ten read posts for June. I found the list kinda cool, maybe Some of my own favorites do not appear this month, but nonetheless it’s a wonderful list of posts: All About Turbulence Modeling - The “All You Can Eat” Menu Predictions for …

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All About Turbulence Modeling – The “All You Can Eat” Menu

  I love turbulence. Knowing how to model it in just the right fidelity is an art imho. An art I fell in love with 💕 The intention of this set of posts is to embark on a journey of connecting the dots between CFD and turbulence modeling with the phenomenological and practical concepts of …

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All About CFD… – Index

I love CFD. Been doing it the past 15 years… 💕 Early in 2016 I’ve decided to blog about it… I aim for the blog to share my CFD and fluid mechanics thoughts over quite a broad spectrum of related topics. I guess the idea behind the decision to blog besides my tendency to share …

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